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16116 Stuebner Airline Rd Suite 18, Spring, Texas 77379

Nicole "Nikki" A, Fitness Instructor

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Nicole "Nikki" A

NIKKI A. (Instructor & Coach)

As a mom of four, Nikki understands that it can be challenging to find time for yourself but knows how necessary it is. She started kickboxing in 2017 & has never looked back. Nikki's always been athletic, but it wasn't until she found Farrell's that she started living a healthy lifestyle. Nikki says, "Being athletic is great, but being fit & healthy are far more rewarding. I was obsessed with cardio, doing it 4-6 times a week. Once I was taught to eat clean, better portioned meals & added resistance training to my workouts, I finally saw the results I’d been looking for.” She is always adding roundhouses & switch kicks to the combos, & she never misses a leg day. Her favorite area to focus on is core strength, so if you come to her class get ready to plank! Nicole is thrilled to be helping others successfully reach their own fitness goals.

• Favorite Combo: Jab + Jab + Cross + Hook + Double Roundhouse

• Favorite Strength Training Move: Planks

• Favorite Quote: "Don't stop when you're tired. Stop when you're done."

• Fun Fact: Nikki was struck by lightning!

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